One Day In Bryce Canyon National Park
One Day In Bryce Canyon National Park
The bright orange hoodoos will have you feeling like you've stepped into a different universe!

One Day In Bryce Canyon National Park

You can accomplish quite a bit in a day at Bryce Canyon. We only spent one day here and felt like we got to see everything that was on our list.



The canyon looks incredible during sunrise, so be ready to start your day early and find a great spot to watch. A large number of people choose "Sunrise Point" for viewing due to its name, but it's actually not the best place to view the sunrise. Inspiration Point had been recommended by a park ranger on a blog I read, so I decided that’s where we would go. We were very happy with our decision to watch from there. Not only was it less crowded, but the views were spectacular! 


After sunrise, we headed to Sunrise Point (the irony) to enjoy the view with fewer people. We then combined the Queen's Garden trail with the Navajo Loop. 


Instead of completing the hike on the Navajo Loop, we chose to hike up Wall Street to see the famous switchbacks engulfed by hoodoos. Wall Street is something every hiker should witness in their lifetime because it's absolutely magnificent! The hike was rated "moderate," and was only 3.2 miles and 643 feet of elevation gain. 


The top of Wall Street offered excellent views of the canyon as well as Thor’s hammer.

IMG_5396 2

After hiking all morning, we satisfied our craving for lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food considering the lack of infrastructure in the park. I had assumed there would be pre-made sandwiches and wraps available, but instead they had soups, salads, burgers, etc. 

We left Bryce Canyon after lunch, but I suggested a few extra activities in the sample itinerary to fill the rest of your day. Bryce Canyon was stunning, and despite the park's small size, had so much to offer. It should absolutely be on every hiker's bucket list! 


  • Sunrise at Inspiration Point
  • Start the Queen’s Garden Trail at Sunrise Point and combine with the Navajo Loop (instead of finishing the Navajo Loop, complete the hike with ascending Wall Street) – view of Thor’s hammer at the top
  • Lunch at Bryce Canyon Lodge
  • Peekaboo Loop Trail (4.8mi hike starting from Bryce Point) – we didn’t get to do this
  • Back to Wall Street for sunset photos

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