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Angela Hampton

Travel Blogger

Hi I’m Angela!


I created this travel blog to fuel your travel inspiration and provide authentic, honest, and unfiltered travel information despite being in a world that is full of perfectly curated moments. Whether you want advice for a particular destination, ideas about where to choose your next vacation, or simply have a desire to learn about new places, I hope to encourage you to expand your horizon and make those adventures happen! 

I am 29 years old and have a wonderful husband, Jacob, and two little miniature dachshunds named Gus Gus and Wilbur. We live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and have tremendously enjoyed owning our first home! It has worked in our favor to live so close to the world’s busiest airport!

I would say I got bitten by the “travel bug” when I studied abroad in Italy in 2015. My experience living in a new country left me longing to see more of the beautiful destinations the world has to offer. I have made traveling my top priority since graduating from college, which has given me the opportunity to visit numerous wonderful places over the years. I have also become obsessed with travel research and absolutely LOVE the planning and learning phases of travel. 

Traveling consistently humbles me and reminds me how big and beautiful the world is. Whether I am hiking in in a National Park out west, or standing in the Louvre in Paris, travel always challenges me to learn more and grow as an individual. 

Although my travel wish list has all types of destinations, I have a special place in my heart for mountains. I have always felt drawn to the mountains, but so far, no destination has won me over like the Canadian Rockies. 



My goal is to travel the world and share it with you. If I can encourage just one person to try something new and explore, then I've done what I set out to do. I want to tell you all about the amazing places I visit, show you inspirational and authentic pictures, and give you tips to make your own travel easier.