One Day In Sedona
One Day In Sedona
Sedona's vibrant red rocks are a must see!

One day in sedona

It seems like every conversation we had with people leading up to our trip resulted in the same reaction... "Oh I LOVE Sedona!" After visiting for a short time it was easy to see why! Not only is the town stunningly gorgeous with its unique red rocks, but it also has so much to offer for its size and proximity to nature. You can see and do so many things without having to travel far at all.


Here is how I would recommend spending 1 day in Sedona:

Devil's Bridge

Start your morning off with a hike to Devil’s bridge. This hike is 1.8 miles round trip and gains 400ft of elevation throughout. It’s highly advised to start this hike as early as you can in order to avoid crowds. We heard that the jeep tours and 4x4 vehicles are more prevalent on the trail later in the morning, so we began the hike a little after 7am and didn't pass any vehicles until we were almost back to the parking lot (around 9:30). Not only do the vehicles kick up dust, they also share the beginning of the trail with hikers, so you will have to keep moving out of the way if you don't start the hike early enough. 


Boynton Vista Trail

This trail is an easy to moderate 1 mile trail with a little over 200 feet in elevation gain. There were significantly less people on this hike compared to the others we had done, so it felt very peaceful and provided excellent views of the Boynton Canyon.

ATV Rental: We didn’t have time for this during our very brief stop in Sedona, but it would be an excellent way to spend the afternoon!

Airport Loop Trail

Finish your day with a 3.2 mile hike around the airport loop trail before the sun starts setting. Once sunset begins, the rocks in the distance will give you a beautiful show of vibrant red colors! Make sure you bring a headlamp for once it gets dark.


We only had the opportunity to spend 24 hours in Sedona, so during our next visit we plan to rent ATVs, do a sunrise hot air balloon ride, and go on a Pink Jeep off-roading tour. If you have the time and interest, be sure to check out some of those activities along with the list mentioned above!

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