The Grand Canyon – Why You Should Visit
The Grand Canyon – Why You Should Visit
Only a visit to the Grand Canyon can explain the way its presence moves you. Words and photos will never do it justice!

The grand canyon - why you should visit


The Grand Canyon is a place that most people have on their destination bucket list, whether they typically visit outdoorsy locations or not. Ironically enough, it had never been high on my list, but I assumed I would visit it one day since that’s what everyone does! I felt like so many people had been and shared photos that I wasn’t in a rush to visit myself. After looking at countless photos of the Grand Canyon throughout my lifetime, I genuinely thought I wouldn’t be impressed by my visit or that it wouldn’t feel any different in person. I could NOT have been more wrong!


We went to the South Rim visitor center upon arriving to the park, so our first viewpoint was Mather Point. Regardless of the amount of people that were present, walking up to that first viewpoint and seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was an experience that moved me in a way that words cannot describe. 


The canyon has a depth and presence that cannot be represented or described in photos. This holds true with most destinations, but the Grand Canyon is the most extreme example of that I have ever witnessed. We have traveled to quite a few National Parks, but no park has moved me as much as the Grand Canyon. For this reason, it remains one of my favorites.


An important note I want to make: There seemed to be a general consensus in my research that the many different viewpoints all look the same. After spending time at various viewpoints, I can honestly say that they all feel very different and are worth stopping at if you have the time. Seeing the canyon in person was such an incredible experience. It totally transformed my previous thoughts and assumptions about the park and provided us with ample hikes and viewpoints that continued to intrigue us. 


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