Destinations That Feel Like Another Planet
Destinations That Feel Like Another Planet
Visit these places for an out of this world experience!

Destinations that feel like another planet

Northern Iceland:

Hverfjall Crater: A steep but short hike to the top of this crater rim will humble you and instantly make you feel like a tiny little ant. The crater itself is composed entirely of black rock and has no signs of life. It will give you an ominous feeling like you aren’t on Earth anymore.


Hverir Geothermal Area: surrounded by steam vents, bubbling mud pits, and cracked and colorful grounds gives off the feeling like you have landed on Mars. This destination offers a full sensory experience with the inescapable smell of putrid sulfur and warm steam that envelopes you.

Arches National Park (Utah)

Delicate Arch: The size and unique shape of Delicate Arch make you feel like you have landed on Mars! The area surrounding the arch is almost bowl-shaped, and if you visit during sunset the landscapes glows pink and feels entirely otherworldly.


North Window Arch: The views through North Window Arch look like you are on a movie set in a Star Wars film with the unique rock formations all throughout the distance and the mountains in the background.


Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Hot Springs: The expansiveness and uniqueness of the travertine deposits at Mammoth Hot Springs will leave you feeling awe struck. The colors and textures are unlike anything I have ever seen.

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Grand Prismatic Spring: Famous for its rainbow colors, this hot spring will make you feel like you are exploring another planet. The overlook trail makes it easier to see the vibrance of the colors, but the Midway Geyser Basin trail allows to you get a much closer view of the cracked and vibrantly colorful ground. The steam envelops you and makes the whole experience feel more supernatural.


Bryce Canyon National Park

Queen's Garden Trail: Hiking through bright orange hoodoos that tower over your head is a beautiful yet bizarre experience. It’s a fully immersive experience that most definitely feels otherworldly.


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