Top 5 Waterfalls in Iceland
Top 5 Waterfalls in Iceland
There are so many waterfalls to choose from, but these were my favorites!

Top 5 waterfalls in iceland

5. Svartifoss

Svartifoss was much smaller than many of the waterfalls we saw throughout the island, but the basalt columns behind the water made for a unique and memorable sight.


4. Dettifoss

Although Detifoss and the surrounding volcanic area isn’t the prettiest sight to behold, the sheer magnitude of the water makes this waterfall worth seeing. It felt like one of those things you could stare at endlessly. The longer I watched it, the more it blew my mind!


3. Seljalandsfoss

Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of walking behind a waterfall? Walking behind a 200ft waterfall was exhilarating! The fact that you can see through the water and enjoy the scenery in the distance made the whole experience incredible. Make sure you pack waterproof clothing or a raincoat at the very least because the spray is intense!


2. Skógafoss

I typically don’t enjoy destinations that are overly accessible to everyone because they attract very large crowds. No matter the crowds, this waterfall is a complete stunner!


1. Hengifoss

Hengifoss was my favorite waterfall in Iceland! The hike to reach it was no joke with almost 1000 feet in elevation gain, but sometimes I find that the views are even better when you have to work hard for them! Although the trail to this waterfall is well known, I liked that it wasn’t as easily accessible. The difficult hike made the waterfall that much more rewarding to finally see while keeping the crowds at bay. I was absolutely awe struck by the unique geological features behind the waterfall. The red lines are where lava oxidized during different eruptions over millions of years!


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